Friday, June 4, 2010

Hair Oil

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Hair fall is the major problem in everyone's life. There are many reasons for hairfall. Poor diet, lack of sleep, weather, improper care, diseases, pregnancy..... The list goes on. We tend to try all the market products but we do not get proper result. (if I talk about me! then its right)
Till last year, my elder daughter loved her long hair! She looked like a princess with her open hair!(now she is gone for very short blunt!!) It was very difficult for me to manage her hair to keep it healthy. Instead of trying the market products  I always tried homemade oil which was very helpful.
When we were in UAE, I did not had much choice to get few ingredients to make oil at home. So I always ended up with  a mixture of PURE COCONUT OIL; OLIVE OIL, ALMOND OIL, CURRY LEAVES, METHI SEEDS.

But, this time when I came to India for good, I was happy that I can get the proper things to make oil. My parlor lady helped me to add few more things to get good result. 
Here are the things you can add to make good oil for your hair. It has worked for me and my daughters at least. You can try in a little quantity and check it.

Here are the ingredients I used,
Pure coconut oil - 1 KG
Almond oil - 1/4 cup
Methi seeds - 50 gm
Cumin seeds -1 tbsp
Amla powder - 2 tbsp
Curry leaves - one big bunch
Lime - 2 big,  prick all over
Hibiscus flowers (white) - 15 ( remove the stem and wash)
Hibiscus flowers (red) - 5 (remove the stem and wash)
Aloe vera  - 1 big stick. wash and cut in to small pieces
Pour coconut oil in a thick bottomed vessel and keep it on heat. Once its hot, add all the ingredients except  Olive oil. Let it boil till it is dark brown in color. Keep on stirring in between and stay away as the aloe vera pops out.(is this the right word?)
It should look like below in photo. It may take 45 minutes to one hour.

Allow it to cool. Add olive oil. Strain in a bottle and use it the next day. You can store this oil for months. Warm it before applying it to the hair.

This is the residual after the oil is stored in a bottle. Even this also can be used to apply to the hair. 
Keep oil in the hair at least for 3 hours before taking bath. Use this once a week for good result.

Keep Smiling,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Holidays in Pune - Part II, Food I tasted!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
As I promised, I am here with part II, where I am going to share about the food we had in Pune.
First coming to the food, there was absolutely no cooking for full 45 days. Everyday there was a maid to cook the regular food. But sometimes I enjoyed the food prepared by my Sister in law. She prepares very tasty no oil, thin Thali peeth. She prepared Sambhar, juices and butter milk. Her Varan (plain dal) is too good. This time, we missed Pao bhaji!! I did not take any photos!
The best thing happened was, getting fresh juices  that too early in the morning. There is a company which supplies variety of fresh juices. They have door to door services. Every day I enjoyed it very much. They had a long list of juices in which I tried were,
First few days I tried all the juices Beet, Wheat grass, Amla, carrot, ginger lime and fresh fruit juices like papaya, mango, chikkoo, pineapple and apple. Then I settled down for fresh juice. It was different everyday.
 I could take the photo only on first day!! There is apple milk shake, wheat grass juice and Ash gourd juice in the photo.
Next is exactly the opposite of above. I loved the jalebis I had in Pune. I think I never tasted so crispy and so tasty jalebis. There is one  Jalebi junction in Baner, opposite food Bazar. You get many other chats also with jalebi. His main sweets are Coin jalebis, Rabdi jalebi, Jalebi malpua..... and chaat!!! The list was Sev puri, Chole Bathure, Samosa, Ragda Pattice, Chaat basket ......,
I think I had the jalebis  more than 10 times in a month!!! 

Whenever I go to Pune, it is always a must to visit few restaurants. Among these are : Koyla, where you get the tastiest Biryani. Especially the one "Diwani Handi" , This is the mixture of Chicken, Mutton and Vegetable biryani with egg too!! Sorry, I did not take the photo. My younger one was troubling me a lot, so I had to pack my plate to home and have!!Visit this place if you go to Pune.The other food is also very tasty. But I felt it is little costlier than other restaurants
Afterwards, we thought not to go out to eat as Phalguni won't allow us to eat, we got the food to home only. This time it was from Tiranga! The main food here is Maharashtrian non veg food. The mutton dishes are very good.
One more place we visit is, Magnolia which is  Chinese. But this time,  we went for take away again. I wanted  to  try Mainland China, but becoz of my daughter I had to drop the idea. May be next time.
And we again took a risk of taking Phalguni to Pizza Hut. Again I had to stand and eat as she was not allowing me to sit on a chair!!! 
Next was the a big glass of chilled mint flavored AAM KA PANNA. My brother's neighbor Ashwini, brought it for us. It was the yummiest panna!! (recipe will follow soon)

And the Bhel, I prepared at home, (recipe will be posted soon)
and the cakes I baked in the class,(recipes only after I buy an over and bake the cakes)

I think my post is becoming lengthy!!!
Hey, and do you all think that I put on more weight after all these!!! NO!! Actually I lost my weight!!! now I can wear my old jeans!
I am stopping this here only. I will be back with Part III with reviews on few more movies I watched in Pune.

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life is Easy With these!!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita 
Hi All,
When you are hungry and do not have strength to prepare more dishes!! These come as a Saviour! It is like a boon to prepare these and store for a year. And not to forget, children love to eat these! Problem with your child's food habit? Give hot rice, ghee and these. They will have it within no time.
Are you thinking that what I am talking about?
Check out the photo! You will agree with me!
These are readymade, which I got from market.

                                                                   click for the recipe

Keep Smiling,

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