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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arusuvai Chain, Season II - A real mystery! solved

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
When I read about the  Arusuvai Chain. ., I was really confused. I read and reread in Valli's blog. Still I was a dumb to understand the rules. :-) Then, Valli explained me in a personal chatting about it. I was very happy to join this but was not sure when my turn will come. I forwarded my emial id to Sayantani and was waiting for her reply.
(Bharathy, Srivalli and Lathamma started this Arusuvai Chain. Now the second season is organised by Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary)
I got it soon And she had given the name of the person who will send me the ingredient. It was Veena from Kitchen Celebrations.
I had told in the house that I am going to receive something from courier and had strictly informed them not to open it.(If I am not there at home!)
But that day when I was having lunch with my kids, I got a box from the courier person. I was wondering such a big mystery ingredient? :-)
I left my lunch in the middle(very bad) and opened the box. I was very very happy to see the gift!
Veena had sent me three lovely bowls and a beautiful card :-)

Then came the CID time :-). I got this ingredient in a plastic bag.(she is very clever to send me the ingredient without the cover or any name) When I saw it, I was nervous, I could not make out what is it? I tasted it, I could not get the taste. I tried to search in the Google with what all guessed names!! I thought its thin rice crackers, I thought its rice vermicelli, I thought what all!!!  I could not get it. I have never used it in my whole life of cooking!!!

With lot of hesitation, I sent a mail to Veena about my problem. Then I got a clue from Veena who said you get it in powder form also. (I hope its not cheating) and its a substitute for something else.
I got the name in my mind but to make it sure, I took few strands and put it in the hot water and waited for sometime. Hurray!!! yes, I guessed it right. I have used the gelatine before but never used CHINA GRASS(AGAR AGAR)  :-)))))
China grass is a substitute for Gelatin. China grass is perfect for vegetarians.
Its made from various seaweeds.
Now was the time for me to search for the recipe using China grass. Again my hunt started. I landed here.
It was Mishmash !'s blog. I fell in love with this China grass pudding and the photo. I wrote down the recipe.
I waited for the next day as it was Sunday. I went to the shop to weigh the china grass strands as I needed only 10gm.
I had 12 gm of china grass. I thought of making it half and try I was not sure about the output.
Here is my version of Pudding where I used exactly half the quantity from the original recipe.

 Below are the photos, for recipe, visit her blog.
(Followed the exact recipe, but reduced the quantity to half)

I thought of trying it in small cup cake moulds. My daughter was so happy that she told me it tastes exactly like the caramelized custard cups she used to get in UAE.

My mystery ingredient package will reach Sanjeetha of Lite Bite and Sanskriti of Musicas Kitchen soon.

Keep Smiling,

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