Thursday, December 24, 2009

Award time again!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,
Thank you so much  priya  for sharing so beautiful award with me and all our friends.

And thank you so much for so beautiful greeting card.

One more award from Aruna Manikandan . 
Thank you so much, Aruna! Beautiful award.


Keep smiling,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of year 2009

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,
from Year 2004
Five years back I got this message in my cell on 31st December at 11.45 pm. First, I did not understand, as it comes screen by screen. Then when I read twice I understood the meaning!
Years just fly  and sometimes we feel we are standing in the same place from many years and sometimes we feel that the year got over so fast!
And the year 2009 went very fast for me!
This year (2009) was special for me in many ways(good and bad). Me and my husband had to take few tough decisions for children and their future. I decided to move back to India for good for my daughter's education. And I was waiting for this! But it was difficult for my husband and my daughters as they are more close with each other and it is tough to stay away from each other. Praying to God to reunite us as soon as possible.
After coming to India, again I joined college! This was the best thing happened as I needed some change like this.! Thanks to mom, who took care of my lil one when I was in college.
This year, I started to post my recipes in my blog which was my dream from one year! And the blogging opened many doors for my experiments. I got many good friends here. Three cheers to blogging.
So coming to Srivalli's event, I am just posting few things happened this year in my blog or with my blog!!
I want to thank Srivalli, for encouraging us to stop and look back our success and failure. It will show us the correct direction to move forward.
1. My first post was : At last I am here!!!!! 
2. Top 5 recipes of the year from my blog:
1.Chapatis and guessing game remixed for the event

3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs :
Haryanvi Thali

4. Best Meal of the year :

5. Best dish of the month :

6.Best post or picture for each month or year:
Sweet Coconut Rice

Hottt chilly chutneys

When I went on checking all the posts in my blog, I was really surprised, because I never thought I will be able to post so many recipes!! I was happy when I re read all the comments, I felt little sad, when there was no comment at all for many posts! And to tell the truth, these comments only make me happy and encourage me to be here in this blog world. 
There were many posts, which no one read!!! But honestly, no complaints! just my observation.
As I have started the blog and following the blogs this year only, all the blogs are new to me! 
I want to thank all the friends here for encouraging me and supporting me with their sweet comments and sharing their awards with me!
Cooking resolutions for the Year 2009! :
I am very bad in keeping my resolutions! That too I never keep new year resolutions. I do not need new year for resolution. But I am planning to learn some baking
These are only few things I could bring in one post! 
Sending this to Srivalli's most awaited event Announcing the "Best of year 2009" Event!

It is totally only about my blog and its contents. If my internet connection permits me to do some work, this year,I will come up with part II about my all blog friends, or else I will do that in the next year.

Keep smiling,

Problems come in series!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Again I am back with problems I faced!

Is it funny or boring to read about problems??? 
This is in short!
From Thursday night my internet connection got disconnected. I complained on Friday! They promised that they will come on Saturday! but no one attended! Again I complained on Saturday, they promised that they will be there in half an hour! but that half an hour stretched to 48 hours! 
In mean time, on Sunday, my younger daughter poured the malt on the keyboard.!!! (She thought even key board needs some food!!)
Being new Hardware Engineer, I tried to repair my keyboard myself, without realizing this keyboard is non repairable. So again I need to run to the market to buy new one! My old multi media keyboard is now replaced with the smaller one! (And the full system has been covered with proper computer cover!! (Which I  always hated to put! )
Today, after complaining many times, technicians(a team of technicians!!) came to solve the problem. There was some problem in the exchange itself!. They took full 6 hours(This is INDIA!!) to fix the problem, But they did it and promised me that it will not happen again! Lets wait and watch!
I will be back with my next post in a day or two!!

Keep smiling,

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