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Antina Undi(Dry fruits laadu), Reposting

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Sweets always make you feel guilty after you finish eating the last bite. But here comes the healthy sweet, which is good for everyone.(except weight watchers)
A funny thing about this is the name of the dish, even though it is called antina undi(edible gum laddu), the quantity of gum we add is very less compared with dry dates, total quantity of dry fruits  and jaggery!!!  I do not know why this name has come!!
This laddu is given to new mother after one month of delivery. It gives them strength and good for back.
Nursing mothers get more benefit from this. But always try to have with one glass of milk.(not only nursing mothers, but any body who wants to eat it regularly).

I had more laddus  for my second delivery. And one more same type is prepared only being the difference is adding sugar powder instead of jaggery. And it is called as Kobhari Khara. These both are very common in North Karnataka during delivery. 
Coming to the recipe,
(I did not get English words for Ker beeja and Aalvi, so if any one knows please let me know)
(Dry dates) Uttatti - 1/2 kg
Dry coconut - 1/4 kg,  desiccated
Jaggery - 1 kg,  powdered
Khuskhus (poppy seeds) - 100 gm
Cashew nuts - 100 gm, cut in to pieces
Raisins - 100 gm
Edible gum - 100 gm                                                                                                              

                                                     after frying the gum in ghee
Almonds - 150 gm, cut in to pieces
Ghee to fry dry fruits and gum
Gher(Ker) bija - 100 gm

This is Ker beeja, It is very heat to the body. So it should be taken in a small quantity, but is must for this laddu.

Elaichi (cardamom) - 8 to 10, powdered
Jaaji kaai (Nut meg)  - 1/2, tsp powdered
30 to 35 laddus can be prepared with this quantity.

Step by step, I will give the recipe :
1. Remove the seeds from uttatti, crush in to 4 pieces. Fry in thick bottomed pan for 3 minutes. Keep aside to cool. Put in a mixie and churn to coarse powder. Keep it aside.
2. Separately, dry fry each ingredient 30 seconds on medium hot tawa : dry coconut, khuskhus, ker bija. Keep aside.
3. Fry the gum in one tablespoon of ghee and  keep it aside.
4. Keep other dry fruits also in a  plate.
5. Except Jaggery.  mix all the ingredients in a large plate( in North Karnataka, in the houses there will be a big plate to make Jowar rottis which is called as Parath)
6. Add little water to the jaggery and bring to boil to make it one layer syrup(pak). (you can see in the photo).
7. When it is done, Add it to the dry fruits mix. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes so that all the ingredients will bind with the jaggery syrup.
8. Take little quantity and form the laddus with the help of both the palm.
When you are planning to give this to new mother, you should add aalvi with other ingredients.
Alavi is good for new mothers and especially nursing mothers. She should have alavi payasa  twice a week.
Aalvi : Dry fry just for 30 seconds on medium fire.
Thanks Radhika for reminding about Alavi, and thanks to Rupali Apte for giving the information about it. Here is the link for the details.

Sending this to 
which is started by Me.

Keep smiling,


Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy laddoo...

Soma Pradhan said...

A nice recipe out here..

jayashree said...

This unde is my all time fav. Enjoyed the visual feast !

Aruna Manikandan said...

First time here...

Lovely ladoo's
They look perfect and tempting too...

with luv

SE said...

hey...this recipe takes me to belgaum..very famous know as kardant or dinkachi ladoo...great!!

Malar Gandhi said...

Looks so yummy and tempting...

I like ur version lovely. Wanna try this right away..

Nivedita Thadani said...

Yes, it is same like karadantu, only difference is karadantu does not have so many ingredients and there is more dry coconut in that. Even that is also my fav. and Belgaum Kunda!!! Mmmmmmmm, its just yummy and cannot resist.
Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

try this link, if this is the ker beeja you are looking for.

Nivedita Thadani said...

Hi Anonymous
Thank you so much for the link. Yes it is the same!
For other readers, click this for the information

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Laddu looks Delicious!!! Me too made some, but with Cocoa and Brown Sugar, Will be posting tomorrow

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely ladoos...I had plenty of them after my delivery....

Hamaree Rasoi

Kitchen said...

Interesting and looks so testy, this recipe stuff is also looks full of healthy items. I will give a try this , Thanks.

chitraj.hegde said...

Hey,,,,The laddu looks great...I am regulalr following your Even I was in Hubli-Dharwad for 4 yrs,,,,I am always curioes about the new dishes you prepare....Do visit my blog some

Unknown said...

please let me know what the alavi seed called in english my id is

oud said...

OOOh...yummy and spicy recipe i like it too much...

Radhika said...

Does anyone know what aalvi is called in English? or is that still a mystery? :(

Nivedita Thadani said...

thanks for reminding me about it..
I have updated the post for the same/

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Alvi is known as Chia Seeds in English

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think its called as Garden cress, HALIM seeds and not Chia.

Unknown said...

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