Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Star Fruit Juice

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
I am not lazy!! I am lazy!! I am confused... I hate to say I do not get time to post the recipes here. Because it was me, who used to stay awake till 2 in the midnight to post the recipes, it was me, who used to try new recipes after 11 in the night just to post the recipes here... it was me, who never missed a single day  to check other blogs and interact with them..
What has happened to me now!! even I am not sure. But yes, I am finding it difficult to manage my time... Hope you all will understand and wait for me to come up with regular posting.
Thanks to those who visit me here even though I am not regular..

Coming to today's recipe, 
Summer is here... my kids wait for my new trials for their thrust. 
Here is one more juice which is really magical as it can be prepared either with raw fruit or even the ripe one.
I have used the ripe star fruits for the juice.
The STAR FRUIT name comes because of its shape when cut into slices. It looks really beautiful.. I love those little stars. 

Star fruit is green when raw. I love the green color. Its sweet and very sour when raw. I love to eat those with salt and chilli powder. You try it and you will love it..
When it turns into Golden yellow color it is ripened and tastes more sweeter.

Recipe for the juice with ripe one:

Star fruits - 10 to 12
Sugar or powdered sugar or Jaggery  - 2 tbsp or as per the sweetness of the fruit
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt a pinch
Water to make juice

Wash and clean the fruit. Cut a slice and check for the sweetness or sourness.
Peel off  those long lines and discard those.
Cut into half. You can see the seeds and the thread like part in the middle. Remove those.
Cut the remaining part into small pieces. 
Add the sugar or powdered  jaggery and cardamom powder. Put into the blender or grinder and turn into puree. 
Add the water as per the taste. I added more than 1 glass of water.
Have it just like that or sieve it before serving.
Enjoy the chilled juice in this hot summer :-)
If you are using the raw fruit you may need more sweet and salt in the juice.

This makes 2 big glass of juice.
Both the juice tastes different and look different. 

Any one try the raw fruit and let me know.. (I have tried both,but could not get the picture of the raw fruit juice)

Keep Smiling,

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