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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sago sandige

Hi All,
Tried and tasted by Nivedita

Its summer time!! The best time to make sandige(fryuma, is it a right word??), happala(paapad). During our childhood, helping our mother, aunts and neightbours to make these things was like a festival for us.Yeh, one can oraganize an event on making these, as it will help many of us to prepare variety and store it for a year.
Sago sandige is again a favorite side dish of my husband. When he came this time, my mom prepared for him and packed it in his luggage.

There are two ways to make it. Giving you the one method, will try to give another soon. 

Sago(big size) - 1 kg
Salt to taste
Hing - to taste
Wash the sago and soak it with very little water for full night or 8 hours.
Its better to prepare early in the morning.
Remove all the water from soaked sago. Add water and hing. Mix it properly and put in idly mould and steam it for 15 minutes. Steam all the sago in batches. Or to make it fast you can use Tatte idly stand or in big steel plates if you have big vessel to steam these.

When one batch is steamed, remove it slowly from the mould and spread these neatly on a plastic paper kept under sun. Let these dry for full day. Remove in the evening and again repeat drying for two more days. Sandiges are ready to fry and eat.

This is going to the event conducted by iloufer of Kitchen Samraj! "Cooking with Seeds- Sago Event Announcement"  which is started by  Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes.

Keep Smiling,

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