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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eggless Chocolate Pudding on my Birthday!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Today is my birthday and I turned 37 years! Nothing more to say about me!!
Today, I thought I will try some baking in the microwave oven, which I never did before. I have prepared rice, sambhar, vegetable and sweets, but I am always scared to try baking a cake, pie or pudding or jelly!! I remember once, I tried dates cake from shilpa of Aayi's Recipes. It came out good, but I was not happy with that.
 I was searching for some quick and easy recipe, and I got THIS one. This site does not have photo. So I thought of taking pictures. 

I have kept all the ingredients in the photo, except GHEE. 

It came out very good!
But, what I thought was If we keep the ready mix for some time before adding cocoa powder it will be good, as I felt, the semolina is still not cooked full.


Planning to celebrate my birthday with my elder daughter's which falls on March 30.
Keep Smiling,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Blog's First Anniversary with Tea and Biscuit!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Even though I registered my blog in December 2007 only, I started posting  in it from March. March 12th was my first post published! So I thought, this day should be the birth day of my blog. I started to blog with lot of doubts, confusions and questions in my mind. But within no time, this one year went off!! I have 192 posts in my blog today which includes, recipes, my thoughts and few things from my daughter.

When I revisited the posts, I was happy to see that, my most of the recipes have been participated in one or the other event. I need some one to push me to do some good work!!! I laugh, when I read my first few posts, as the language is so bad, with lot of grammar mistakes. Now also, I am not so good in writing, but improved a bit! 

I want to thank all my friends here, who always took time to visit my blog, and came up with their sweet comments and suggestions and requests and support. 


I would like to recall my first post, which was an introduction about why I came in to blogging,
Hi All

Its almost more than a year I thought of entering the blog world. But!!!!!!!! this "but" is the mother of laziness!!!

Having 2 kids, managing alone everything, it was impossible for me to sit and share my world with others.

From past one month I am regularly following few blogs and surprised and really amazed about the knowledge, these girls have. Keep up the work. Jai Ho Blogging.

Learning words from blogworld also.
Started to learn now, just laugh and forget at my mistakes. Mistakes makes man not perfect but takes him to perfection. (No one is perfect in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I will try to share my recipes in next few days and will try to share my views also.

Bye for now.

Keep smiling!!!

And PJ was the first to comment on my post! I was so happy to see my first comment!!! Thanks PJ for giving me that happiness. 

Coming to the recipe for birthday!!! Are you wondering, why am I posting the recipe for Tea!!!
Actually, I wanted to start my blog with tea! Again I thought, it is very basic thing, and I wanted to start with something different. So the tea recipe went on postponing. 
I thought today is the best time for this recipe as it is a birthday of my blog.
Last week, I took photos of making tea! And believe me, I enjoyed making and taking pictures as if first time I was making tea!!!
Here goes the recipe with pictures,


After water, the tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world...(Read more here ). 

Each country, and in each country,each region or state, the method of preparing tea is different. There are many types in tea, white tea, green tea, black tea(my daughter's favorite), herbal tea and KT! It is very interesting and vast subject to study.
So, without much introduction, I am coming to a very normal and regular way of making tea, (as it is the post has become very long!!)

To make two cup of tea,
Water - 1 cup
Hot or warm Milk - 1 cup(do not add cold milk)
(or if you do not like more milk, adjust the qty by adding more water and less milk)
Sugar - 3 tea spoon
Tea powder - 2 tsp
You can add, a pinch of Cardamom powder or dry ginger powder or crushed fresh ginger! OR, some times add half a piece of Parle G biscuit in that and check the taste! It really tastes great! 
Keep the water to boil and add tea powder and wait till it starts boiling. Add sugar and wait for 30 seconds. Now add hot milk and allow it to boil for a minute.  Remove it from the fire and strain in to cups.
Enjoy it with biscuit or any favorite snack.
A game played in our ladies club;
There was a "One Minute" competition in our ladies club for sports day. Every body was given a question to write in one minute, the things we need to make tea! Ladies started laughing, thinking that how much time we need to write the things to make a cup of tea!! 
What do you think what all you need to make a cuppa tea?????
My mother was the only one to write all the things needed. And here is the list,
1.Gas stove
2.Lighter or match box to lit the fire
3.Lifter or Pakkad to hold the vessel
4.Vessel to make tea
5.Tea spoon to put tea powder and sugar
9.Tea powder

Any thing else we need to make a cup of tea???

Need the best wishes and support for my blog to come up with more recipes and other things also.

Keep Smiling,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Daughter turned sweet 7

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,

Yesterday was my elder daughter’s birthday. She turned seven. So fast! She is very understanding, caring and matured for her age.
This year, one more reason to be happy is she got “Outstanding performance certificate” in her final exams. She is only in grade 1, but the girl who knew nothing other than writing A to Z and numbers only from 1 to 20, when she returned back from India after a year gap, to get this certificate, is really appreciable. In her first term, she could not answer any questions, as she did not know to read sentences. And it was a challenge for me too. After screaming, shouting,crying and beating (very bad mother!) and her continuous effort have given her the sweet fruit. And! my husband's cooperation to take care of younger one, when we are studying! Her teacher was very happy and she told it’s really a brilliant effort!! What else parents can expect other than this for their children. We both thank God to bless us this child.
We both are proud of her.
Wishing her a very happy birthday and bless many more to come.
Yesterday, she wanted to have Idli. So I thought of making Idli cake and give her. She was happy to have it.
And she was so happy, when one of her friends, brought her a box of chocolate ice cream than so many big gifts. This is what I call "Sweet Seven"
Keep smiling,

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Today is my birthday and I want to wish myself.
Should I feel happy to celebrate my ** years birthday? Is there anything special to celebrate? What have I achieved in these years to celebrate?
A few questions to myself and with honest answers I may be able to say YES, I can celebrate my birthday.

Q.1 Have I kept my family happy?
A: Yes! According to my Hubby. He says I am his strength. He really loves me very much and he thanks God to have me as life partner.(I feel the same for him).
My elder daughter who is 7 yrs old, she says "I am the best mother in this world"
(Hehe, all children are like that!!!) But I feel proud when I hear that from her.
Waiting for second daughter who is 18months old, to say the same for me!! Too greedy no?

Q2.My parents?
A: I cannot say 100% yes, as I always went against my mother. But sure I made them feel proud at least few times. And it is not possible for me to achieve my mother's dreams. She is so full of life, enthusiastic and always positive minded and ever ready for anything to face in the life. Hats off to her. After being a mother of two kids, I know her value!

Q3.My brother and sister in law?
A: We too are always close and discuss anything under the sun. Till today, without asking my brother I have not taken any decision(even though my decision is final, sometimes!!)He is younger than me, but he is my guide and my critic.
Now my sister in law, she has brought us more close together. So happy to have her in our life.When their marriage was fixed, my brother told her alot about me, how I was so responsible and always took care of him and other cousins. That makes me happy!! So there is a reason to celebrate.

Q4.My relatives and my cousins?
A: Hey, definitely yes!!!! I am really lucky to have so wonderful family, everyone loves me and care for me. Thank you so much.

Q5. My friends?
A: I have very few friends and they are always supportive, caring and guiding. And we feel so happy whenever we talk over the phone.

Q6. Towards society?
A: Yes, I try not to waste water.I try to save energy. I try to water plants, when I am back in India. I am always ready to help needy. May be its not possible here, but once I settle down back in India, definitely will do something.

Hurray, YES!!! So many reasons to celebrate my birthday!!!!!!
Before I finish, I want to share few memories about my birthdays. I always celebrated my birthday in a big way. Thanks to mom!! She always kept surprise for me on my each birthday.
It was always a fun in my birthday party. I always got great gifts from my parents, especially mom.

Keep smiling,

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