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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My experiences in India and poll

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,

Its three months now, I came back to India. I experienced both, good and bad things in these months. I want to share the same with everyone. I was thinking how to write, whether to write good and bad things separate or together. Then I decided, I will write as the things took place.
First, we reached Pune and were there for 40 days. And without doubt, we had very good time with my brother and bhabhi. We went to water park, where I enjoyed swimming for 3 hours. This was first time after almost 15 years I entered swimming pool. We used to go to beach in UAE for swimming, but to swim in the pool is different. Even my both kids enjoyed a lot. The little one was not ready to come out of the water at all!!! And I did lot of shopping for both the girls. I got very cute dresses for them. I enjoyed the food in many restaurants.
Then came the day to move to my place Hubli, and the problem started here. First thing was about servants. Back in UAE, I used to think that its so nice to be in India as we get many servants!!! But they are more in demand than software techies in US Before starting the work, they keep their demands. And the very second day they will start asking for old things. Still I am in search of good maid, who can do the work neat and clean!
The next but very important thing was to get my Internet broad band connection. I don't want to name it as they say it is India's biggest network, I tried calling them for 10 days continuously!!! but no response from them. They went on giving some other new number when ever I called and registered my name for the connection. So I left that and went for another network, and its really good.
And from the same network, I had my Sim card for my cell which I took last year. Now they have blocked my outgoing call. So I paid extra money to get it done, but till now no action from them. Now also I cannot make any call from that number. I think they don't need any more costumers now!!!! Then I took Sim card from other network, its working fine.
In between, we had two marriages in the house, which we all enjoyed to the maximum. I met many relatives after 10 or 12 years! It was really fun. Hey and I took new bike also.
My daughter got adjusted with the school and new friends. And the little one is enjoying to the maximum getting all the attention and pampering. She is totally spoiled now.
I am little bit freed from the kitchen, as we have one old lady from past 7 years with mom, who helps in the kitchen. She is really caring, loving and helpful.
Now coming to the problems, once in 6 days we get drinking water from corporation. No need to say, even that is not clean water!!!
Then the problem is about the power cut. For three months, there was load shedding for 8 to 10 hours. We could not sleep during the nights. So the round mosquito net were fixed on the beds. Now it is fine, and as it is raining, the power cut is also less.
Finally, we are getting adjusted with the circumstances and started enjoying the life with all the bad things accepting as they are and trying to improvise things where ever we can.

But, with all the negatives, the main thing is I feel secured and so peaceful in India. I feel so happy when I see around. I feel so happy, when I hear the bus and auto rickshaw sound. I feel so happy, when I see my kids playing with other kids in the ground opposite to our house. I feel independent. I feel so happy when I see my mother playing with my daughters and enjoying the fun.
I have many plans in my mind, which I always thought about, when I was in UAE. Hope I will start bringing them in to action.

Now, my question for the poll of this month is for all NRI's (Non Resident Indians) or for those who are away from their native place(I was also for 11 years!):

With all the good and bad things, with less comforts, will you be happy to come back and settle down in India???

I know, this question is not easy to answer, but please think and vote with full honesty.
Go to Poll and vote!!!
Waiting for more responses, as, many of you are living out of India.

Keep smiling,

Monday, July 6, 2009

What would you like to call yourself?

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,
Just a few days back I added a gadget in my blog for "Poll". And the question "If you are 'a stay at home wife' what would you like to call your self?"
This question came in my mind when I read "Ghettoised and forgotten...." in Vidya's( blog.
Do not think I am against men or working women. I was also a working mother till last year.I know the difficulties one has to face while handling both the office and the house.But my question here is "is a 'stay at home wife or mother' getting an equal respect or no"?
For many, to stay back home is wasting your life. Even many men think that woman at home do not have any work the whole day.
Does any one thinks how much energy and patience one needs to be at home and take care of the house? Don't they think one has to put so much effort to turn the house in to HOME? After managing everything ( supporting the family physically, morally and all the ways), her title is restricted to House wife!!!
If a husband is not working, have you heard anyone calling him 'house husband'? Even though he is unemployed, he will be recognized at least by his degree!!
My only question is what would you like to call yourself if the options are given. Please feel free to vote on my 'Poll' and share your opinion.

Can anyone suggest a better title for us???

Keep smiling,

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