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Monday, March 14, 2011

ABORT PLASTICS!!! Save the Earth.

By Nivedita
Hi All,
God made Man!
God thought Man will serve His purpose to keep this Earth beautiful and safe. 
God gave the Man, his Real Mother. 
He thought, Man will take good care of the Earth.
But God forgot that he has put the brain in man, which acts many times bad and very few times good.
Man ignored the message, Man ignored the signs, Man became selfish. He created many things, which he thought it is for his comforts. But again he forgot the bad effects.(Or acted like one). 
Man invented the PLASTIC
without being FUTURISTIC
now the life will end in TRAGIC
if you use more PLASTIC
take a step of DRASTIC
to increase the life of Earth like an ELASTIC
say NO  to PLASTIC
My humble request to all of you: SAY NO TO PLASTIC
(Can't you hear my cry? I am crying for many years, Try being in a plastic bag just for one minute. You will know my pain. )

Don't make God  feel ashamed of creating man. Do not test Mother Earth's patience. Its my Earth, your Earth and our Earth. Lets do whatever we can do to stop using plastic. 
Have mercy on those innocent animals, which are dying everyday by consuming the dirty plastic which we throw in the dustbin without thinking much.
Have you ever thought about those water animals, which gets killed by gulping the plastic bags, bottles or many things which we put in the water, sometimes for fun, sometimes in the name of God...
Don't kill other living beings for your comfort.

Some tips to substitute the plastic:
Take a cloth or jute bag when you are going for shopping.
Use paper bags, it saves your money too.
Stop using plastic bottles to carry.

Each great dream starts with one first step.
Let's all of us be that step.

Note – Hope you get the conveyed message. Stop using plastic, or it may choke us all to death. Please support this cause by writing against Plastic use in your own way, and copy-paste this note at the end of your post, so that more and more people write about it, Thank you!
Thanks Sourav C. Pandey for trying to spread this message.

(This subject reminds of my poem, which I wrote for my daughter, its on saving the trees:
Read it here.)
(Actually I posted this Abort Plastics!!! Save the Earth in my other blog, but I thought, as I don't have more followers there, the message will not spread, so reposting it here also)

Keep Smiling,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's there in shape??

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Aren't we all magicians in the kitchen? I always feel like that. We prepare food in minutes! We create new dishes. We do some magic to prepare tasty food with the ingredients we have in the kitchen shelf. We are always ready for unexpected guests.
Am I going out of the track? Sometimes  I love to go!
I love to be in the kitchen and create some magic, which many times I fail because I am not so creative and do not have patience. 
Many times I prepare the same food with different methods or recipes. 
And same way, I love these rolls. 
Here I feel exactly  like I am a magician. Give me any shape from the dough, I roll the chapatis into exact round shape(with little care) or the exact triangle shape! I am making these since child hood. 

Try these folds to make chapatis. I feel, each method, the chapati tastes different.

Keep Smiling,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am tagged :-)

 Tried and tasted by Nivedita 
 Hi All,
Its nice to be tagged. I am thankful to Preethi of Preethi's Culinary for Tagging me and giving me a chance to think few things about me and answer the questions which really made me to think before I answer those.

Here are the questions and my answers:

1. Are you a vegetarian, or have you thought about being one?
I am an Omnivores :-) :-), I love to have non veg but once in a while. My favorite food is Vegetarian and raw food makes me more hungry.

2. Who inspired you to cook or bake?
During childhood, cooking was my necessity. Now, there are many people who really inspires me to try cooking new food. My daughter, my blogging friends, great chefs from all over the world are few among them.

3. How do you celebrate Christmas?...or a favorite holiday of your choice?
I would love to celebrate a festival with my family and still waiting for my all alone favorite holiday..

4. Do you prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends and/or family, or prefer to ring in the New Year quietly, and privately, at home?

I love to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends or family, basically, I can not stay alone at home on that evening. I feel lost and I feel lonely if I am alone that eve.

5. If someone were to ask you to bring dessert to a party, what would you bring? Store bought, or homemade, and if you were to make homemade, what would you make?
I would love to make home made dessert and that will be a cake(new passion). Otherwise, gulab jamoon are the best.

6. How will you celebrate your next birthday?
I really do not know and don't want to plan it now only.

7. Do you have a New Year's resolution-and will you be sticking to it?
I do not believe in New Year's resolution. I make resolutions according to my necessity and If I do, I stick to it.

8. Do you time your breakfast,lunch & dinner or eat when you are hungry ?
I maintain regular time for breakfast and dinner. Lunch time varies.

9. What inspired you to write a food blog ?
Ohh, there are many reasons which inspired me to write a food blog. First was, I wanted to prove myself as a good writer and a good cook. Second is, I love to meet or make new friends of my interest. Third is, it really makes me happy.

10. You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good,what will you do ?
I immediately try it in a week or two. If I get success, it will be in my regular menu or if its a disaster, I will try it again after a month or two. But I try till I get that recipe right.

11. Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it ?
Ajinomoto, more oil and more masala

12. Name three things you have to use in most recipes ?

Salt, ginger and vegetables :-)

13. How important is eating meals together as a family to you?
 I really enjoy having food with my family and its very very important for me to have meals together.

I have answered very honestly and enjoyed doing the same. 

I'm happy to tag these questions to:
Please continue the tagging by passing it to your friends.

Keep Smiling,

Friday, November 5, 2010


Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,

Happy Diwali
ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ದೀಪಾವಳಿಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.
Thanks everyone for being with me. Please give me some more time to be regular here.
I am on holidays and will be back soon.

Keep Smiling,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let me talk about Breast Cancer

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Matru Devo bhava or Mother is Next to God... 
Confused with above statement? 
I am trying to write down about a disease which is usually linked with the woman. It is scientifically also proved that Breast milk is the best food for a baby. And only a woman have this gift from God. 
But, unfortunately, the same woman gets a disease which is number two when you study about Cancer diseases i.e Breast Cancer.
Being a woman, I feel it is my responsibility to spread the knowledge and awareness about Breast Cancer among common people. According to a report, one in eight women are the victims of this disease in United States and India has one in twenty two woman who is suffering from it.  It occurs both in male and female, but male breast cancer is rare.
One of many reasons for not diagnosing this disease in an early stage  is that a common  woman is not aware about the symptoms and usually she feels shy to goto a doctor for regular check up. This shyness should go and every woman should come forward to have a  regular checkup to make sure that she is safe from this disease. A little doubt also should not be ignored. 
To spread the knowledge and bring the awareness about this deadly disease,  October month is recognized as "National Breast Cancer Awareness month" There are many activities which takes place during this month all over the world. These activities try to spread the knowledge about this cancer and its prevention.
Now a days the pink ribbon has become the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness and can be worn to honor the victims.
 Indus Ladies forum is doing THIS great job by encouraging people to talk about it, and do some thing about it. 

Let me try to find out about this disease with the help of internet :
What is Breast Cancer?
It  forms in tissues of the breast, usually the tubes that carry milk to the nipple and glands that make milk.
What are the symptoms?

  • Unusual swelling of all or one specific part of the breast
  • Continuous skin irritation or dimpling
  • Persisting pain in breast
  • Persisting nipple pain or inversion of nipple
  • Inflammation or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • An unusual discharge from the nipple other than breast milk
  • Lump in the underarm area
(Can read more HERE)

I do not know any other way to make the people aware about this disease and the prevention. Please take care of your health. Do not ignore the tiniest doubt also. Remember "Health is Wealth" and "You get life only once" and do not spoil it for ignorance.

I am not a medical professional to give more details with confidence. But I just want to request my readers to spread the knowledge about this deadly disease in your own way. Lets be bold enough to talk about it and prevent the disease before it comes to us.

Keep Smiling,

Friday, September 3, 2010

What I want from New technology(post for Indiblogger contest)

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
When Indi Blogger announced "MY DEMAND" contest, first thing came into my mind was food!!
You might think its a crazy idea but I want a technology
Which allows us to taste a piece of food shown in video on YouTube or any other source. 
But then I really thought for some time, some thing which really can help us.

The second idea came to my mind was:
If we scan the photo of any person and feed it to the server, the technology should find out that person's whereabout. 
It is very helpful to trace the soldiers who are missing for long time and easy to trace the terrorists  place also. 
Please click the link to vote for me(if you like my ideas) 

Keep Smiling,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Holidays in Pune - Part II, Food I tasted!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
As I promised, I am here with part II, where I am going to share about the food we had in Pune.
First coming to the food, there was absolutely no cooking for full 45 days. Everyday there was a maid to cook the regular food. But sometimes I enjoyed the food prepared by my Sister in law. She prepares very tasty no oil, thin Thali peeth. She prepared Sambhar, juices and butter milk. Her Varan (plain dal) is too good. This time, we missed Pao bhaji!! I did not take any photos!
The best thing happened was, getting fresh juices  that too early in the morning. There is a company which supplies variety of fresh juices. They have door to door services. Every day I enjoyed it very much. They had a long list of juices in which I tried were,
First few days I tried all the juices Beet, Wheat grass, Amla, carrot, ginger lime and fresh fruit juices like papaya, mango, chikkoo, pineapple and apple. Then I settled down for fresh juice. It was different everyday.
 I could take the photo only on first day!! There is apple milk shake, wheat grass juice and Ash gourd juice in the photo.
Next is exactly the opposite of above. I loved the jalebis I had in Pune. I think I never tasted so crispy and so tasty jalebis. There is one  Jalebi junction in Baner, opposite food Bazar. You get many other chats also with jalebi. His main sweets are Coin jalebis, Rabdi jalebi, Jalebi malpua..... and chaat!!! The list was Sev puri, Chole Bathure, Samosa, Ragda Pattice, Chaat basket ......,
I think I had the jalebis  more than 10 times in a month!!! 

Whenever I go to Pune, it is always a must to visit few restaurants. Among these are : Koyla, where you get the tastiest Biryani. Especially the one "Diwani Handi" , This is the mixture of Chicken, Mutton and Vegetable biryani with egg too!! Sorry, I did not take the photo. My younger one was troubling me a lot, so I had to pack my plate to home and have!!Visit this place if you go to Pune.The other food is also very tasty. But I felt it is little costlier than other restaurants
Afterwards, we thought not to go out to eat as Phalguni won't allow us to eat, we got the food to home only. This time it was from Tiranga! The main food here is Maharashtrian non veg food. The mutton dishes are very good.
One more place we visit is, Magnolia which is  Chinese. But this time,  we went for take away again. I wanted  to  try Mainland China, but becoz of my daughter I had to drop the idea. May be next time.
And we again took a risk of taking Phalguni to Pizza Hut. Again I had to stand and eat as she was not allowing me to sit on a chair!!! 
Next was the a big glass of chilled mint flavored AAM KA PANNA. My brother's neighbor Ashwini, brought it for us. It was the yummiest panna!! (recipe will follow soon)

And the Bhel, I prepared at home, (recipe will be posted soon)
and the cakes I baked in the class,(recipes only after I buy an over and bake the cakes)

I think my post is becoming lengthy!!!
Hey, and do you all think that I put on more weight after all these!!! NO!! Actually I lost my weight!!! now I can wear my old jeans!
I am stopping this here only. I will be back with Part III with reviews on few more movies I watched in Pune.

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dosa dosa which dosa who can guess this!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Some times, over confidence puts us in embarrassing situation. This is what happened with me! Last week I planned to make Mix flour, semolina and curds dosa. Usually it comes out very nice. But that day was not mine!!

I don't know what went wrong with the mix!!!
All the 10 dosas came out like this!! Do I need to say, we jumped for quick upma for breakfast!!

Keep Smiling,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Extending the last date for my event!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,


Keep smiling,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can any one guess what is it?

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,

Can any one guess what it looks like(I think it is easy to guess!!), But what dish is this???

It is Alu pakoda(Potato fritter), which my mother prepared today evening. And when I took one pakoda to check the taste, this one came in my hand!! 

Recipe for pakoda in few days!

Keep smiling,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Foodie movie on cooking and blogging : Julie & Julia

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Today I watched the movie "Julie & Julia"  It is about cooking,eating and BLOGGING! A wonderful movie based on 2 true stories.
It is a story of Julia Child who is a writer of the  famous cook book  Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and Julie Powell, the writer of the book Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes.
The story runs simultaneously between the past(Julia Child) and the present(Julie Powell).
Inspired by Julia's cooking book, Julie will set the the goal to make 524 recipes in 365 days. And she will start blogging about her recipes. 
While Julie is reading Julia's book and trying her recipes, the movie goes back to the past showing Julia Child's life and her cooking adventures. 
Meryl Streep has given full justice to the role by exactly imitating the real Julia Child.
Very enjoyable movie and when you are watching some scenes where Julie is trying to cook and putting them in words in her blog,  you will feel "oh its me"!!
I strongly recommend all my blogging friends to watch this movie. 
Waiting for your review about the movie.
And Thanks to Avinash(my Brother) and Shilpa(my bhabhi) for suggesting me to watch this movie.

(This is my first review about anything. Hope, you will not laugh if you feel its funny!)
Keep Smiling,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitchen Mishaps!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Is there any one who learnt cooking before messing up the whole kitchen, self painting your face with flours or burning poor vessels!!! I really feel very bad for the vessels in the kitchen, these are our victims which tolerate all our crime on them. But may be even the vessels will feel happy if our food turns out good, which is not regular for new bees.(hey, just for fun)

I do not believe in PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT!!   NO! Because no one is perfect in this world.
So Girls, do not loose your hope if you are not getting success in the beginning.
Now coming to the title, I started thinking about my funny, bad or very bad experiences or mishaps. But these are not funny to sit and enjoy the reading.
As I told before, first thing I learnt to make was  Upma. When I learnt(at the age of 7) and started making it, first it was always either more watery or was half cooked with raw onion smell. But as the days passed I learnt to make it tasty and edible.
Next I remember is to make Jowar rotis. I really do not remember how many rotis I might have wasted either while patting it or frying or cooking. But I learnt it after very long time practice.
And then comes the TEA. I always used to get scoldings from my uncle(Father's brother), because he never liked my tea. Either it used to be like hot water or it used be more sugary or some times like only plain milk!!
My most worst mishap is with sago kichadi! It becomes like rubber always. Now also, if kichadi comes out perfect, its like a celebration for me.
Then comes the rice preparations, Till 6 months back , I always got scared to make any type of pulao, bath, biryani!It always turned out to a disaster. No one liked my rice as it was always bland without salt or any masala. But as my daughter loves to take rice for her lunch I forced my self to learn more of these dishes and now I can make variety of rice!
Now a days my most disaster food is baking the cake. My cake always turns out like a stone!!! or comes out with dark burnt ring on the edge. Or my cake is never cooked.
But!! I do not have any pictures taken when these mishaps took place. 
I hope you will visualize the photos and read it. Sorry!

Keep Smiling,

Friday, January 1, 2010


Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,



Keep Smiling,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yeh doulat bhi lelo....(ये दौलत भी ले लो ये शौरत भी लेलो)

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Got confused with the title!!
My brother and me are a great fan of Jagjit Singh. We always enjoy listening to his gazals and sing together. My brother remembers all his gazals and sing without any mistakes. He has a huge collection of Jagjit Singh's gazals.
During our school and college days, we always used to wait for his next album. Now also we enjoy the same way.
Why I am writing all this?? Because, last night we went to Jagjit Singh Live in Concert, here in Pune.(Yes! I am in Pune for Christmas Holidays!) It was first time for me!(my brother never misses his concerts in Pune) I was so excited to see Jagjit Singh! It was like a dream come true for me! I never imagined I will get a chance to attend his concert and that too with my brother!
I was in different world for those three hours. Even though we could not see him from close! we could feel his voice in the air! There were big TV screens fixed in three corners. It was an open area and very cold. It was like a heaven, listening to Jagjit Singh's gazals under the open sky with moon and stars, in chilled weather. Then came the Vada pao and hot cup of tea!
The best part was, me and my brother were guessing his next gazal and we were testing our memory by singing the next line before Jagjit Singh will sing!! All the times my brother sang it perfect.
And when Jagjit Singh started the gazal "Hoton se Choolo tum",  every one started to sing with him, In between  he stopped singing and enjoyed our singing! I enjoyed this also very much.
Even his people who were on instruments are very good. He gave each of them a chance to play the gazals on their instrument(there was a guitarist, Flute player, Setar player and Tabala player.) Jagjit Singh looks the same how he was 15 years back, with same smiling face and same enthesuasam when singing.
He finished his concert by singing 'Laari rappa...'
Last night was unforgettable one for me!

Keep Smiling,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of year 2009

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,
from Year 2004
Five years back I got this message in my cell on 31st December at 11.45 pm. First, I did not understand, as it comes screen by screen. Then when I read twice I understood the meaning!
Years just fly  and sometimes we feel we are standing in the same place from many years and sometimes we feel that the year got over so fast!
And the year 2009 went very fast for me!
This year (2009) was special for me in many ways(good and bad). Me and my husband had to take few tough decisions for children and their future. I decided to move back to India for good for my daughter's education. And I was waiting for this! But it was difficult for my husband and my daughters as they are more close with each other and it is tough to stay away from each other. Praying to God to reunite us as soon as possible.
After coming to India, again I joined college! This was the best thing happened as I needed some change like this.! Thanks to mom, who took care of my lil one when I was in college.
This year, I started to post my recipes in my blog which was my dream from one year! And the blogging opened many doors for my experiments. I got many good friends here. Three cheers to blogging.
So coming to Srivalli's event, I am just posting few things happened this year in my blog or with my blog!!
I want to thank Srivalli, for encouraging us to stop and look back our success and failure. It will show us the correct direction to move forward.
1. My first post was : At last I am here!!!!! 
2. Top 5 recipes of the year from my blog:
1.Chapatis and guessing game remixed for the event

3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs :
Haryanvi Thali

4. Best Meal of the year :

5. Best dish of the month :

6.Best post or picture for each month or year:
Sweet Coconut Rice

Hottt chilly chutneys

When I went on checking all the posts in my blog, I was really surprised, because I never thought I will be able to post so many recipes!! I was happy when I re read all the comments, I felt little sad, when there was no comment at all for many posts! And to tell the truth, these comments only make me happy and encourage me to be here in this blog world. 
There were many posts, which no one read!!! But honestly, no complaints! just my observation.
As I have started the blog and following the blogs this year only, all the blogs are new to me! 
I want to thank all the friends here for encouraging me and supporting me with their sweet comments and sharing their awards with me!
Cooking resolutions for the Year 2009! :
I am very bad in keeping my resolutions! That too I never keep new year resolutions. I do not need new year for resolution. But I am planning to learn some baking
These are only few things I could bring in one post! 
Sending this to Srivalli's most awaited event Announcing the "Best of year 2009" Event!

It is totally only about my blog and its contents. If my internet connection permits me to do some work, this year,I will come up with part II about my all blog friends, or else I will do that in the next year.

Keep smiling,

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