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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Water melon Juice(edited and reposted)

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,

My way of having watermelon!!!!
scrape it inside and add little salt! have it directly. no need of glass or cup!! or straw. You will definitely enjoy the crunchy melon and juicy water.

In summer, when you come home after long sunny day, if you see a glass of red color juice topped with ice cubes!!! How will you feel???
That is the wonder of Watermelon. A crunchy and tasty fruit, you will enjoy in any season, either as a bite or a sip.
From the source, it is said that, watermelons were being cultivated in China, which is today the world's single largest watermelon producer.
Water Melon is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A (here).
It is also in debate that whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable?? For me it is both, that too after checking the recipe(Taste of NorthIndia) by Sangi of simplydelicious. Click WaterMelon Watermelon!!!!!!! for older post.

I love to have it in any form, crunchy bites removed from the fridge, a whole big glass of juice topped with ice cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper, in salad or dosa prepared with its skin. Yes!! dosas prepared using the skin of the watermelon tastes very good. Give it a try. Just add the peeled skin with soaked rice which you make for normal dosas.
Do this need any recipe???
Watermelon - 1 cup, remove the seeds
Salt to taste
Ice cubes
Blend all together to get a glass of watermelon juice.

Sending this to Madhuri's event  Serve me Some...  

Keep smiling,

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