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Monday, March 14, 2011

ABORT PLASTICS!!! Save the Earth.

By Nivedita
Hi All,
God made Man!
God thought Man will serve His purpose to keep this Earth beautiful and safe. 
God gave the Man, his Real Mother. 
He thought, Man will take good care of the Earth.
But God forgot that he has put the brain in man, which acts many times bad and very few times good.
Man ignored the message, Man ignored the signs, Man became selfish. He created many things, which he thought it is for his comforts. But again he forgot the bad effects.(Or acted like one). 
Man invented the PLASTIC
without being FUTURISTIC
now the life will end in TRAGIC
if you use more PLASTIC
take a step of DRASTIC
to increase the life of Earth like an ELASTIC
say NO  to PLASTIC
My humble request to all of you: SAY NO TO PLASTIC
(Can't you hear my cry? I am crying for many years, Try being in a plastic bag just for one minute. You will know my pain. )

Don't make God  feel ashamed of creating man. Do not test Mother Earth's patience. Its my Earth, your Earth and our Earth. Lets do whatever we can do to stop using plastic. 
Have mercy on those innocent animals, which are dying everyday by consuming the dirty plastic which we throw in the dustbin without thinking much.
Have you ever thought about those water animals, which gets killed by gulping the plastic bags, bottles or many things which we put in the water, sometimes for fun, sometimes in the name of God...
Don't kill other living beings for your comfort.

Some tips to substitute the plastic:
Take a cloth or jute bag when you are going for shopping.
Use paper bags, it saves your money too.
Stop using plastic bottles to carry.

Each great dream starts with one first step.
Let's all of us be that step.

Note – Hope you get the conveyed message. Stop using plastic, or it may choke us all to death. Please support this cause by writing against Plastic use in your own way, and copy-paste this note at the end of your post, so that more and more people write about it, Thank you!
Thanks Sourav C. Pandey for trying to spread this message.

(This subject reminds of my poem, which I wrote for my daughter, its on saving the trees:
Read it here.)
(Actually I posted this Abort Plastics!!! Save the Earth in my other blog, but I thought, as I don't have more followers there, the message will not spread, so reposting it here also)

Keep Smiling,

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