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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Holidays in Pune - Part I, A book and many movies(Review)!!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita,
Hi All,
Summer holidays!!!
I will not write a long post to make you all bore! but I really want to share with you my holiday experience. So giving you the details in short with photos(where ever possible)
It is always compulsory that I must read at least one book when I am there in Pune! This time it was an Autobiography :
iacocca (6k image)                     Iacocca: An Autobiograph...                                                                
Very inspiring and interesting story. Its a must read for everyone. This time I took more time to finish this book,as I was busy in watching movies!! It gives you good knowledge about cars, Auto Industry and about Ford and Chrysler companies!!! and about a powerful man behind all these!!!                                                                                             (image link here)

Next thing I did was, watched many movies which were in my list for many years, I would love to give you the list and very short detail about the movies. I know I may not a right person to criticize such a big projects or people. Even though, my language is not so good,still I want to share my views with you all.
Please feel free to leave any comment if you want to:

1. Mamma Mia : A romantic and musical story, where Meryl Streep looks beautiful as usual!! ( I just love to keep on watching her whenever she comes on screen). I loved the music and everything. It is a story of a girl who is going to marry soon, but she wishes her father should come and giveaway, and she is not sure who is her father, she invites 3 men, whom she is sure that one among them is her father. Very emotional story! The suspense at the end makes you also sing  "Mamma Mia". Melodious song.   (image link here)

2. The bucket list : What will you do, when you know that you are going to die within few months???? This is where the story lies. 2 men will decide to make a list to the things before they die, including fighting the fears that they lived with all their life. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson has played their character very well. I always liked Morgan Freeman and I enjoyed Jack Nicholson's character in this movie.                                                           (image link here)
3. Kramer vs. Kramer : The original movie of Hindi movie " Akele hum Akele tum" Wonderful drama, and again Meryl streep in this movie too. She looks so different in this movie. 
                                                                                                                      (image link here)

4. One fine day : Again a romantic and a comedy movie. The fights between Michellle Pfeiffer  and George Clooney keeps you smiling!! till the end!      (image link here)    

5. My Fair Lady : What a classic movie!! A 1964 movie, which won 8 Academy awards!!!
See full size image
I was in trans for 2 days after watching it. Audrey Hepburn looks so gorgeous and beautiful. The way she sings "enry iggins, just you wait" is so funny, the way speaks English,  you will fall in love with her!! and I loved Rex Harrison and his arrogant acting. He looks so handsome. I watched it twice in three days of time!!                             (imgae link here)

See full size image
6. Gone with the wind : Great movie on American Civil war which grabbed 10 academy awards. It is a romantic movie, a story mainly concentrated on a lady(Scarlett O'hara played by Vivien Leigh)  and her struggle for her love(First love: Ashley Wilkes played by Leslie Howard and the last love : Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable ( A very handsome hero of that time))and her country and her life! It takes you in to a different world. It is almost 230 minutes long but you will not feel bore at any time!!A must watch movie! image link here                                    

7. Good Will Hunting : A story about a boy who has some special gift for maths. Matt Damon looks good in the movie and even Robin Willams is very good, as usual.  

                                                                                                                                          ( image link here)            

Coming to the kids movie, which I enjoyed with my daughter :
( I did not watched few other movies) 
1. The Princess dairies - Part II, 
2. The Ice Princess , lovely movie on ice skating
3. Shrek
See full size image

4. Wizard of oz : a 1939 movie, but I promise you that it is for all ages and in any age!!

Think of those years, where the technology was still a baby!  and you can see the beautiful sets and magical cinematography and everything. Please allow your child to watch it once at least. It will take you and your child into a different world and you will feel so fresh after seeing the movie. (no comments about today's kids movies  )                                                                                               (image link here)

I hope you got the time to go through the reviews. and I did not make you sleepy!!! 
I will be back with part II with foodie photos which I had in Pune!!! 

Keep Smiling,

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