Friday, November 29, 2013


Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
After few months I am writing about other recipe than for PPCS. Sorry people, it was tough time to manage whole lot of things at one time. I will make it a point to post at least one recipe each week. Gone are the days where I used to post 4 to 5 posts in a week.
Today I am here with a very healthy recipe. In Kannada there is a proverb "raagi tindavanu nirogi" means the person who eats raagi everyday will never get any diseases. And yes, thats very true, my own experience and have seen people who are having no health issues. I have seen people recovering from many chronic diseases. They say its good to have Raagi Ganji in the morning for breakfast. But I don't have that patience and may be I will not like it that much, bland ganji!!!

So, making it little interesting, and turning it into an item song from a normal one, I followed the Thaali peeth! (Masala Rotti) recipe and made these crispy raagi rotis. Its not new nor I invented it, its very regular in our villages. I am just adding it in my blog with few clicks. May be my grand mother will laugh if she reads this, as it is a very regular food for her. 
Coming to the recipe,
To make 4 normal size rottis :
Ingredients :
Raagi Flour - 1 cup(either you used the store one, or if you have a chance make it at home which is again time consuming, I used the store one)
Wheat flour - 1 tbsp
Rice flour - 2 tbsp(to make the roti crispy)
Salt to taste
Onion - 1 big or 2 small, finely chopped
Green chilly - 2, finely chopped
Fresh curry leaves and coriander - 1 tbsp finely chopped
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
Hot water - 1/2 cup or less

To roast:
oil - 1 to 2 tsp for each rotti

Take everything except hot water and oil in a big wide bowl.
Mix well. Add half of the hot water and mix well, check if you can make the soft dough with it. Or else add some more or sprinkle (exact word!) water to make the dough just soft. 
Make the tawa hot,
Take foil and cut into a two palm square size.
Keep the foil on a platform or roti making plate
apply 1/2 tsp of oil on it and spread it.
Take one small ball size of dough, keep on the foil and slowly press it to give the normal roti size. 
You can apply some water to your fingers to make the work fast.
Once the tawa is hot, sprinkle half tea spoon of oil on it, 
Take the foil and invert it on the tawa. wait for 10 seconds, Slowly remove the foil so that it leaves the rotti on tawa.
fry for half a minute and turn it on the other side. Add another tea spoon of oil so that it gets crisp.
Fry it till it gets crisp(may 2 to 3 minute)
Remove and repeat with other dough.

Serve hot with ghee, pickle, curds and papad with onion, don't want any thing!! have it just like that. 

Keep Smiling, 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
So again I am here for the PPCS EVENT. This time I got my partner Balachandrika of She has prepared a very healthy rice and yes it is, and a very good way to feed black urad dal to your kids without any problem. I loved it, my kids loved it(surprisingly my younger one took second help). I too prepared Brinjal curry with it as even Balachandrika had given in her post. My method is different but tasted good with the hot rice. Thanks Bala for this healthy and delicious recipe. 

Please visit her place for the detailed recipe as I have copied exactly the same. And for the brinjal curry, I will post it in a week. (Its a promise this time). 
She has explained it with step by step photos. Enjoy. 

Sending this to Jagruti's 

Keep Smiling, 

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