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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jalebi for ICC August

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Yess!! I am back into ICC after 2 months.  I missed the previous 2 months. I was really stuck with many other things. When I saw this month's Indian Cooking Challenge, I was not much happy thinking that making Jalebi at home is not an easy task.
But again as it is a challenge I have to accept and do it. Again the time was my enemy. But I overcame it and here are clicks of my Jalebi.
And for some percent I was right, I could not get the perfect jalebi shape and my sugar syrup was thick.
Thinking that I will make the syrup again, I started on the second batch. But..... again I had to rush for some important work which took my whole day. When I came back my dough was sour and watery. So I had to throw the whole thing into the dustbin.
Luckily I took the clicks of first batch I prepared.
I used half the quantity from Srivalli's given quantity.

 The ingredients easy to get and the method is super easy. I loved the making of Jalebis but was not happy with myself, as I could not get the proper shape. But the taste was really good. My jalebis remained crispy even the next day :-)
To make the batter:

All purpose flour  - 100 gm or 7/8 cup
 Yoghurt - 1 cup Lime juice - 1 tsp Cornstarch - 30 gm or 1/8 cup Hot oil - 1 tbsp a large pinch of saffron color, It was not useful, I thought of adding some food color to it.

To make syrup
Sugar - 1 cup Water - ½ cup
Oil for deep frying

For the batter,
Take all the ingredients under "to make batter". Mix all together to make it thick batter. Keep it to ferment for overnight.

Before making jalebis
take the sugar and water to make the syrup till one boil.
Keep it warm.
Heat oil in a kadai. THE OIL SHOULD BE REAL HOT.
Use the zip bags( I used milk packet). Snip off one corner(very thin hole) Fill it with the batter.
Pipe the batter into hot oil and fry till golden. Drop these into syrup for a minute or two.

Remove and serve hot. 

Keep Smiling,

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