Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Bread(Food Remake)

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
My first ever baked bread. Yuppieeeee, I loved baking this. I never thought I can bake the bread. 
This month all my dreams are coming true. I learnt to drive the car :-))))))) It was my daughter's dream and my mothers's wish that I should learn to drive the car. Now I am waiting to get the permanent licence to take my kids for a long drive :-))

I have followed the recipe from Champa's blog. She is my first teacher when it comes to baking. Her blog is like one baking class where you feel that she is standing in front of you and teaching you.
Click here for the original recipe. Only change in my recipe is I have used half the quantity from the original recipe.

Sending this to Shama's event 
which is started by ME

Keep Smiling,

Friday, August 19, 2011


Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
When it comes to breakfast we all in the family are 100% South Indians. We all love idly, dosa, paddu, uttappam, upma, wada.... the list goes on. We enjoy even the Parathas, Puri, but my both the kids love to have idly and dosa for breakfast on alternative days.
Here one more type of idly which is perfect for all the kids, from 1 year baby till the teenage.
Today morning when I was making idly, it just flashed in my mind to try these.
But after making and taking the photos, now when I came to post this recipe, I thought of searching for the idly tikka on google and I got it :-), so There are many like minded of like thinking people in the world. The idly tikka is not new(as I first thought with so much proud that its my original recipe) but the method and ingredients are different.
Here goes my recipe

Mini idly -12
Carrot - 1 small cut into circles
Potato - 1 small cut into circles
Tomato Ketchup - 1 tsp for each tikka
Sambhar - 1 tbsp for each tikka
Coconut Chutney - 1tbsp for each tikka
Click Idly, Sambhar and Chutney for the recipe.
Ghee or butter to roast the tikkas
Tooth pick - 4 for making 3 tikkas

Bake the carrot and potatoes in M/W for 3 minutes. Sprinkle some salt on it evenly.Keep it aside.
Take one tooth pick. Arrange the potato, idly, carrot for three times or till the tooth pick is covered.
Repeat for other tikkas.
Heat tawa, spread the butter or ghee. When hot, keep the ready tikka on tawa and roast on all the side till brown.
Transfer the tikkas on serving plate.
Spread one tbsp of  either the chutney or ketchup or sambhar and serve immediately. 

Keep Smiling,

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