Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Event Announcement ~ "Complete My Thali(CMT)-Pickle"

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Hey!! One more feather in my cap for event hosting! I love Events! That makes me more responsible person! It makes me alert. It encourages me to try new dishes.
This time, it is from Jagruti's Joy of Cooking. Her event Complete My Thali - Event Anouncement ! which started last month and is continued for 6 months, with each theme holding for 2 weeks.
And there is a genuine cause behind this event :
Read in her words:
"After each and every round up the host will choose winner and will make winners dish....I will make that dish too, and in the end (about 6 months) I'll have my complete thali...
Every event comes with a prize, so when my thali is complete I will give the value of that one thali to someone else in the world who doesn't have the blessing of even a small amount of the food on the thali...The money will go to UNICEF...."
Now, coming to my theme, I have taken the most interesting and everyone's favorite : PICKLE!! Yes! The thali in not complete without a pickle. Pickle is a side dish and is a must in Indian food.  From a kid to an old person, pickle is loved by everyone. I have many sweet memories with this!(stealing from kitchen, sharing with my friends...)
My Theme is
 "Complete My Thali( CMT ) - PICKLE"
In India, it is popular as Achaar  and can be prepared with many vegetables like mango, lime, garlic, ginger, tomato, cucumber, carrot, gooseberry, Chilli.... You name it and with few specific masala the pickle is ready. Usually the oil and the salt are the main ingredients while making pickle, and either green chilly or red chilly powder to make it spicy.
In some regions pickles prepared with meat or fish are very famous.
Home made pickles are very common and very tasty too. 
Read more here...

Lets see the rules for the event:

1.Prepare Pickle recipe with anything edible!!(be creative) and post it in your blog between 
October 5th to October 19.

2.Multiple entries are allowed.
3.Archived posts should be updated with this page link and  Jagruti's Main Page.
4.Send the entries to nivedita.mt@gmail.com with following details :
Subject : CMT-PICKLE
Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name:
Recipe Link:
5.Non bloggers can send their name and the recipe with photos to nivedita.mt@gmail.com
6.Please use logo and the do not forget to link it to this page and Main Page.
Come Join me to support the wonderful cause with Jagruti by participating in this event.
Keep Smiling,


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