Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple but simply great!! Potato Wedges!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
A simple snack for every potato lover!
There is an annual sports week going on in my daughter's school. She comes early from the school. So I need to keep her lunch ready when she is back. Today I went for shopping and could not prepare anything for her.
There was bitter gourd for us, but she does not like it!
Without much thinking, I took potatoes and started peeling the skin. I did not had any idea, what will I make with the potato, but I was sure that it will be  faster and any thing you make with potato it will come out nice.
When I cut the first potato, I saw that I have cut it into the shape of wedge. So, the other potatoes followed the first potato! But I did not wanted it more spicier as my younger one also loves potato. I thought of using less masala. Here is the recipe for Potato Wedges from my side,
Potato - 10 to12, small ones so the shape looks even and nice
Salt taste
Clove - 2
Cinnamon  - 1 small
Dry ginger - 1/4 tsp
Jeera - 1/4 tsp, fry it for half a minute without oil
Oil - 2 tbsp
Apply salt to the potatoes and keep aside for 5 minutes if time allows you! I took the plate directly to microwave oven for 5 minutes on high. Till it was done, I fried the jeera. Mixed clove, cinnamon, dry ginger and jeera and crushed into a coarse powder. 
(If you do not have microwave oven, no problem!! Cut the potatoes and put them in to a very hot water for 2 minutes. Drain the water immediately Apply salt. Keep it aside for 5 minutes.) 
Then follow the next steps.
Heat oil in a kadai, add the coarse powder and immediately add the potatoes. Keep on frying till the potatoes becomes crispy. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes. The wedges were so crispy! I finished 1/4th of the plate before I served my daughter!!!!
I spread the ketchup on chapati, spread these wedges on it. Rolled the chapati and gave it to my daughter. 
She enjoyed it a lot! 
But I did not get time to decorate it for the photo! 
My  younger one was  sleeping, she missed the plate!!! When  I make for her, I will try to click a decorated photo and post it here!
10 -12 small potatoes!! it finished in 12 seconds!!!! So keep in mind about the quantity! 
I was in a hurry and I prepared it for only one person with this qty. And do you believe that, this was first time that I prepared potato wedges at home!! I always had it in Pizza outlets!!
Keep smiling,


Jagruti said...

great and simple dish...; ))

nivedita said...

Hi Jagruti
Thank you so much for so fast comment.

Rachana Kothari said...

looks so delicious...feel like having it:)

Malar said...

wow that is so nice..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Kid friendly and a quick snack for them to munch!!!

Priya said...

Potato wedges, makes me hungry..yumm

Padma said...

Simple and delicious.

Anonymous said...

haha..i totally agree with u,,its simple, but simply the best and everyones fav, nice

shanthi said...

simple and perfect snack

Alka said...

No one can eat just one ;-)
I wonder what it is with potato wedges that make it favorite of one and all?
Thanks for submitting it for LINK event at
Can I request you to kindly update those posts that you submitted for the event,by adding the following url
Thanks once again Dear !

nivedita said...

HI Alka,
I will do it by tomorrow.

Manish said...

Nice things here :)

I have tried making these wedges some time back but I didnt do any thing fancy , jhust cut the potatoes and fried them in oil and sprinkled the slat on top of it.

May be I wanted it to be like french fries .. What is difference betweeen French fries and Wedges ?


nivedita said...

HI Manish,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments.
The only difference between french fries and Wedges is,
French fries are thin and deep fried which is not so good for health compared to the Potato Wedges which are bigger and thicker than French fries.
The Wedges can be baked and even shallow fried with very little oil or even you can make it in Microwave which is more healthier.
But if you like the crispy potatoes, its better to choose the French fries(neglecting your health :-) )
I hope you are happy with the answer.
I am not so good like you, I mean the way you describe and solve the doubts or questions by your readers.
Hats off to you and your knowledge.

Manish said...

Thanks for your comment

You explained it well .. I will try potato wedges soon as I will buy the microwave soon ..

You should include RSS through email and include a search box also on your blog , also you should remove all kind of sidebar items which are not much use to your readers .It would eventually add to your blog beutification and make it simple .

All this is very easy to setup and not much tough . Ask me if you need any help


nivedita said...

HI Manish,
Thanks a ton.
I really do not know how to manage a blog, I tried to learn on my own, but was scared that all my contents will get erased. So I kept quite.
If you could help me, I will be really thankful to you.

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