Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Suruttai poli for ICC February

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Surprise!! Surprise!!! Valli! Surprise to see my post? All thanks to my mom and her camera. When I saw the Suruttai poli for February Challenge, (This recipe is taken from  NithyaI thought I will prepare this in advance because, last time it was a last minute preparation and I was not sure whether I will finish or not. This month, I prepared it a week before only and took the snaps and was ready to type the recipe..
But, then, I lost my Camera last week. It was a very bad day! That Camera was my life in blogging. I was upset that night. Then realized, its gone, and I will not get it. Even though its lost in my area(It fell down from my lap,while I was getting down from the car), who is that honest to return it to me?. Who ever has got it, they will come to know, its my camera because it has my daughters photo, everyone knows them, and me, being a teacher, almost the whole area knows me!!
Anyways, gone is gone. I was upset and was thinking what to do? Buying a new camera at this point is not possible. I have to wait for a month or two(its not easy to convince hubby!!!)and that too when the fault is mine :-)
My mother came for my help(as always). Actually I forgot about her camera(which my brother has given her).
I was so happy. Then came the thought. Why not try these poli's again for the challenge. Last night, after the kids slept, I made only few polis. This time, our ajji helped me and she showed our traditional way of making these poli which we call it "Surali Holige" Surali means "rolled" and Holige means "Poli"

(I am still new to my mom's camera, need to learn the settings. Please bear with me)
Now coming to the recipe,
Forgive me for not giving the recipe in my words, This month the time is too short for me, I am not able to cope up with many things. So just giving Valli's link.
Just few things to tell about it, 
I don't know, My poli's(Fried) did not turn out crispy,
but the roasted one turned out crispy. 
If any one can tell me what was the reason, I will be happy and try it the next time.
The photos are two types.
One is what I followed Valli's instructions.
Another one is what we make here in North Karnataka. We roast it dry and roll it immediately. The filling is same.



(This is our method. And we make the longest surali holige in Marriages :-)  )

Waiting for the next challenge. 

Keep Smiling,


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