Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Quick Red Masala Puffed Rice.

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Each person comes in your life with a purpose! Some come to get their work done, and very few people come and serve without much expectation. I am always blessed to have people from second category. And I am grateful about it. You all might be surprised about this! Today's post or recipe is from a person like that who served us for 14 years with so much love, affection and care. I am talking about an old lady who stayed with mom when mom became alone after my father's death. She wanted someone to be with her as I was living in UAE and my brother was in Maharashtra. Then this lady Neelamma entered our life. She was from a good family, and had lost her husband during the same period.  She never wanted to be a burden on her sons. She was looking for a house where she will be safe and can earn money by taking care of the house. God listened the prayer from both and the wish was fulfilled. We used to call her "Ajjiri". when she came to our house she was around 50 years old. And she served us till she was 64. But! her tobacco chewing habit turned her into a cancer patient and she passed away just two years back. 

WE all really miss you ajjiri. Especially my younger daughter. Ajjiri loved her more than her own kids. It was in her hand that Phalguni was brought up. As she was under treatment, we could not meet her regularly in her last days. Though mom and me visited her but we were scared to take Phalguni. When doctor told she does not have more days, we took phalguni to meet her and I will never forget the way she loved her, hugged her and blessed her. And very third day she left this life. My daughter always miss her and cry a lot now also.
Now, coming to the recipe, 
This was Ajjiri's favorite snack which tasted heaven. I tried many times to make the way she did, but always failed. Whenever we used to feel hungry in the evenings, we used to tell her, ajjiri please make kemp churmuri(red kurmura). Now also my family tells me to make ajjiri churmuri, the name is changed now.  
I know it's a very simple dish, but could not stop sharing this recipe with you all as I felt I should show my gratitude to her. 
I took this recipe(sounds silly, to write down in a diary to save so easy one) over the phone from Abu Dhabi, when I wanted to make it. Though after returning to India, I learnt directly from her, but could never make many dishes the way she prepared. She was whole in charge of the kitchen. Many years I entered kitchen only during lunch time and dinner time and enjoy all the food. 

Ingredients :

Crispy Puffed rice(kurmura) - 3 cups  per head

Onion - 1 medium, finely chopped  
Fresh coriander - 1 tbsp, cleaned and finely chopped
Red chilly powder - 1 tbsp+1tsp
Oil - 2 tbsp
Granulated sugar - 1 tsp
Lime juice - 1 tsp(optional, but tastes good)
Salt to taste.

Take all the ingredients excep puffed rice in a long vessel or even a wide big plate(Ajjiri always used Paraath, a very wide plate with sides.)

Mix well and add puffed rice. Puffed rice should be crispy. 
Mix well again with your hands or spatula. Ajjiri used her hands and I always felt her hand added more taste and love to the dish.
Serve it immediately topped with sev, some more onion and tomato(Again this is optional) 

This is part of July Week 1, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge Group.

Keep Smiling, 


Padmajha said...

Nivedita,having people like Ajjiri with us is indeed a blessing in disguise.They are the people who really care and are more affectionate! This dish looks like a delicious snack and I too will be making it for my kids who love puffed rice.

Srivalli said...

Nivedita, such a wonderful post to remember a good hearted person. Nice reading about her. This is a yummy snack and I agree some dishes taste great when some make it.

Indfused said...

I absolutely LOVED reading your post. your love for Ajjiri is so apparent. What a blessing people like Ajjiri are. I believe in my herat that they are someone from our previous lives that we were meant to meet again with.
Love the simple but delicious dish...I could picture that parat. In Maharashtra we make dadpe pohe like this which is made with thin poha.
i agree about that special taste by special is so hard to replicate but we do our best!

Avin said...

Yummy, in this weather this will be so delicious to eat😚

Shobha said...

Healthy and tasty snack to munch when you have hunger pangs.

Vanitha Bhat said...

You were so fortunate to have someone so good to take care of your mother so lovingly. So nice you were able to learn some simple yet traditional tasty recipes from her. This murmura is something like we make too, but with sambar powder! Love it dear :)

Meghna. said...

Awesome snack perfect for anytime, we love puffed rice and your preparation looks so tempting.

Paarul said...

People like Ajjiri are God sent Angels. They care for us and love us always. Beautiful post and awesome recipe of puffed rice, yummy snack to be enjoyed anytime.

Vidya Narayan said...

God bless her soul and Nivedita, it was an emotional read. People who are not direct family impact our lives so much that they are always missed more. I am sure she is smiling at the wonderful dedication by you. Needless to say, this bhel or masala puffed rice looks delicious and perfect for tea time snack.

sujitha said...

Yummy nad filling snack.. Best for evening snack time.. I love puffed rice snack and chaats, your version of this puffed rice snack is yum yum..

mildly indian said...

Amazing way you have put across your post. Love the recipe and drooling all the way.

Lathiya said...

Even my daughter loves puffed rice...we used to make the same way... love this anytime

Priya Suresh said...

I can survive for many days with this dish, lovely dish to remember her, what a fabulous post.. Well done.

Maria Nasir said...

Red masala sounds so tempting and lip smacking good! And such a heartwarming, sweet memory attached to the recipe.

Poonam Bachhav said...

You were really blessed to have such loving and caring person to look after your mother ....loved the way you dedicated this post to her..the snack looks simply irresistible ..would love to have it with my evening tea.

Poonam Bachhav said...

You were really blessed to have such loving and caring person to look after your mother ....loved the way you dedicated this post to her..the snack looks simply irresistible ..would love to have it with my evening tea.

Ruchi said...

Such a touching write up dear Nivedita. So true we all meet each other with some or other reason planned by God. This is very addictive snack... Super delicious

Hayley said...

Awwww, god bless her soul! Tell you, girl, you have learnt an amazing dish from her, I am going to make for raj and Yash so soon and will tell you the verdict.!

code2cook said...

very touching Nivedita. It happens. I too have some handful of people around me who are more then my family. And they become so close that you miss them badly. Really beautifully secured her memory. may she rest in peace.

Sasmita said...

God bless her soul. glad to know about her. Such pleasant soul!!!! And this masala puffed rice looks super delicious and perfect for tea time snack. I love it so much :)

Sasmita said...

God bless her soul. glad to know about her. Such pleasant soul!!!! And this masala puffed rice looks super delicious and perfect for tea time snack. I love it so much :)

Farida Banu said...

Super delicious ! puffed rice with spicy and tangy style. I liked it very much. Thanks Nivedita

Ritu Tangri said...

Loved your post Nivedita...though I don't know Whether Ajjiri is some name or some relation, but your love for her is apparent. May her soul rest in peace! You are right sometimes we are not able to replicate certain dishes that become specialty of that person, however simple the dish may be. Like I am not able to replicate till date that besan pooda which my grandma used to make.

Linda said...

Dear Nivedita,

I do not think there is anything silly about this at all. It's a lovely tribute to a beautiful person who touched your lives. Thank you for sharing!

All the best,

cookingwithsapana said...

Omg this puffed masala rice looks absolutely tempting. I wish to grab some from the screen.

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