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Tawa Fried Paneer Tikka

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Scroll down to laugh or say Ohhh!Very funny incident happened while making this one.  I wanted to make 100% microwave cooking with paneer. I got a recipe from LG microwave cooking book(I got it when I brought my microwave, 3 years back). The recipe was Hariyali Paneer Tikka.I kept in my draft and was planning to go to the shop to get Paneer. The same day I saw this  recipe!  It tempted me to prepare it the same day. But it was oven grilled dish. I thought let me use the ingredients at least.
Immediately I went to the shop and brought paneer.

Read the ingredients, the steps and the procedure:
Paneer - 500 gm (cut into big cubes)
Capsicum - 1 big, diced 
Tomato - 1 big, cubed
Onion - 1 big, cubed
For Marination
Hung curd - 1 cup( I used normal curds)
Ground mint leaves - 1 tbsp
Fresh Coriander leaves (ground) - 1 tbsp
Green chillies -1, finely chopped (I reduced it to one, in LG Book, they have given 4)
Red chilly powder - 1 tsp(my addition, it was not there in LG recipe)
Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp(I used MTR)
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp
Gram flour - 1 tbsp (My addition)

Mix all the ingredients for Marinade in a Microwave safe big and wide bowl. (I had the plastic one which was given by LG People with the M/W.)

Marinate it for 2 hours at least. 


Now the real fun started.
(As per the LG recipe, we need to place the marinated cubes and vegetables in a M/W safe dish  on the high rack and grill for 15 - 20 minutes, till golder brown all the sides)
I transfered the marinated cubes and vegetables in to another safe bowl and kept it on high rack  and chose " Grill" and kept  for 15 minutes. Nothing happened. So I thought I will try with "combo grill". I pressed the option and kept for 15 minutes.

Aftet 5 minutes, what I can see!! The bowl is melting!!! I offed the M/W immediately and took the bowl out. I burnt my finger without realizing it was hot. I transfered the ingredients in to another bowl.
See in the photo what happened to my bowl, in which I used make many things :-(
My dosa pan came to my rescue.  I arranged the cubes in to wooden skewers and kept ready.
I made the pan very hot, brushed some oil on it, and kept the skewers. After few minutes I brushed the cubes with oil and turned upside down. Repeated the process till they were golden brown all the sides.
Paneer tikka was ready to eat.My daughter who does not like paneer so much, she asked me to make again for the dinner :-)
Very easy and yummy tikka without oven, without grill and without without tandoor!!!

Sending this to 

Umm's (of Taste of Pearl City)'s 
Keep Smiling,


Ms.Chitchat said...

That was indeed funny but to think of ur bowl,feel sad.Hope ur burn is not too deep.Paneer tikka looks absolutely fantastic.

megha said...

hi yup u really had a fnny and interesting situation.after all experience makes the man perfect.isnt it.n ur panner tikka is looking delicious.yummmmmmmmy,see my latest recipe i.e egg fried rice

Neetz said...

wow!! thats really aweosme :)

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Yummy and interesting

Sanjeeta kk said...

Delicious snack and an all time fav. Good one.

Mina Joshi said...

Glad you were able to save your Paneer tikka inspite of the bowl melting!! It looks delicious.

Hari Chandana P said...

really interesting.. thanks for sharing nivedita :)

Satya said...

tawa paneer tikka looks delicious ...its really sad that u lost ur favorite bowl n brunt ur finger too but c we got a new version of paneer ...take care dear ...hope u r fine now


Umm Mymoonah said...

OMG! Hope your hands are better now, sorry about your lovely bowl. Anyway you came up with a delicious tikka, thank you so much for sending it to my event:-)

Pavithra Srihari said...

hee hee , in the initial days of my cooking in m/w, i have spoilt one bowl like this too ... it happens da.. prescription should be much more clear ..

Btw, paneer tikka looks absolutely perfect da

Guna's kitchen said...

wow!!!! very tempting.. feels like tate it now.. very intresting too..yummy and awesome...will surely try dis... thnx 4 sharing dis

Lakshmi ...Rasoi ki Malkin..northern and southern spices said...

your dish is delicious,and its interesting too..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow the tawa paneer looks very tempting and you brought the right colors out of it!!!

Hayley said...

Lol Nive..well really I shoudn't say this...right, but this reminds me my early days in UK..I'll tell you the story maybe in my next post..glad in the end you had this yummy paneer tikka...looks great !

Unknown said...

wow, that looks yummy !!!

Akila said...

Wow... looks simply it....

Nitha said...

Perfect tikkas..

RV said...

Many a times I don't realize that bowl is hot and I burn my fingers or some or the other part of my arm. But I love the idea of Tawa fried paneer, that looks very inviting.

Savi-Ruchi said...

oh!, hope your finger is fine now. Poor bowl :p Even with all this minor accidents, I am happy to see tawa fried paneer tempting all of us :D

Pari Vasisht said...

dear nivi, these microwave safe bowls are not safe at all for baking and grilling, use them only for reheating.
Glad that you realised the problem in time and hope your burn is not too bad. Take care dear and the tava tikkas are surely looking good.

Anonymous said...

hey thats a better version of paneer tikka than grilling .....i absolutely loved it.....thanx Nivedita :)

Urmi said...

Paneer tikka looks spicy and mouth watering. Wonderful presentation.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

What a coincidence Nive even I made paneer tikka in oven today :-) will post it this week only. Same pinch. And these kind of mishaps happen in the kitchen....just be careful Nive. Paneer tikka is looking delicious !!
Glad to hear that you are planning to make my chocolate cookies. And regarding the question of adding egg, well it's optional (which I forgot to mention as I had made it without egg) but you can add it with 1 tbsp black coffee and milk to the butter mixture. If you have anything else in your mind just let me know. And do share your experience with me:-)

Nivedita Thadani said...

Hi All,
Thank you so much for the lovely comments and for your concern.
My fingers are ok, Actually I felt better when my daughter enjoyed each bite. And now with your loving words I am feeling much better.

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

Paneer tikka looks really tempting & delicious...perfect dear...Thanx for sending this great recipe for my event...!
Keep sending more...!

Best Wishes,

Sandhya Hariharan said...

Tempting... and Love them anytime..

Unknown said...

Nice recipe and step by step pics. Thanks for sharing.Lovely dish!! Looks yummy!
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