Monday, December 6, 2010

A Bengali sweet : you name it!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
Some times, you will fail when you are overconfident. Last night, this was what happened with me.
After preparing Rasagulla, Jamoon and Rasmalai many times, I was  very confident that Sandesh will come out perfect. But Man proposes with his ego,  and  God disposes!! 
I started making Sandesh and ended with something else. You have to name it because I do not know what to name it.
You see the photo and name it.

As usual I browsed many sites and blogs. All the recipes were same. 
Paneer - 1 cup(prepared with half litre of milk, the quantity will be less but good if you are trying for first time)
Fine sugar - 1/2 cup
Rose essence - 1 drop
Saffron strands - 2 to3 (soaked in 1 tbsp of warm milk)

Take paneer and knead it to remove lumps. 
Add sugar and mix gently till both are blended nicely.
Transfer it into thick bottomed kadai and cook on low flame till it becomes soft. 
Add rose essence and  saffron milk. Mix well.
Remove from heat and give desired shape.
This is what the recipes say.
But may be I over cooked the paneer mix, It came out very dry.
So again I added little milk and cooked for some more time. But in vain.
It came out more dry!!
I transferred it into a plate and gave it the burfi shape.
Now all of you give the name to this sweet. It almost tasted like kalakand but it was too dry! 
I am sending this to 
PJ's event
with a doubt will she accept it???
(to know, please check the roundup in her blog!) 
Food palette series White and giveaway winners

Keep Smiling,


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