Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Makara Sankranti

Tried and tasted by Nivedita 
Hi All,
Wishing every one a very happy Makara Sankranti. I know I am late to wish here. But wanted to wish you all with my special Sankranti food.
My many blogger friends have already posted about the importance of this wonderful festival which is first festival of the new year. 

Enjoy the reading in,

Here is the food which is must on this day and I wait for this for the whole year. The same food never tastes so good on any other day.

Here goes the menu:
First is the traditional 'YELLU BELLA' (Sesame seeds and Jaggery) which is a mixture of dry coconut pieces, roasted sesame seeds, small pieces of jaggery, roasted peanuts. This we exchange in the evening with all the relatives and friends. We take blessings from the elders.
Second is the crispy Bajraof Sajji rotti : which is specially prepared for this and these rottis are thinner than a paper.
Third is Avarekalu pallye or Surti paapdi masala
And fourth one is Badanekai bajji(Baingan ka bharta) which is prepared adding boiled carrot, fresh green chana to the normal baingan ka bharta
And the sweets we prepare for this festival:

Enjoy the day and have a wonderful year ahead. May God bless you all with the best things in your life.
Wishing one more time a very happy Makara Sankramana to everyone.

Keep Smiling,


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