Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chocolate Kheer

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
I always get inspired to cook something new dishes when there is an event announcement. It forces me to use my brain to try something new.
This Kheer took birth because of the event only. There are four  reasons to prepare this kheer. 
Kheer is my mom's favorite, and we make milk kheer often.
I wanted to use the chocolates which mom brought from Egypt few months back
I wanted to use the left over milk.
And I wanted to cook something for chocolate event.

No ingredients or method separately written. Its all in the down paragraph. Please read the full post to get the recipe.(I have typed the ingredients bold and in different color)

When I entered the kitchen, I was not sure how I am going to prepare this as I did not browse any blogs or websites. I had kept the chocolates out from the fridge. Mom brought a big box of chocolates from Egypt and all remaining in the box, as the chocolates are bitter. 
I just kept the milk(1/4 litre) to boil on one side. Another side, Ajjiri was making hot chapatis. I was thinking how to melt the chocolates???? Tinggg :-)  when I saw ajjiri finishes making chapatis and the tawa was hot.
I took little milk in another steel vessel and put the chocolates. Kept that vessel on the tawa. Viola!! The chocolates got mix with the milk and got nice choco milk. I added 2 tbsp of sugar to the milk and allowed it to boil on a low flame for 10 minutes. Now was the time for Cinnamon and Cardamom powder (1/2 tsp) to go into the milk.
Boiled it for 2 more minutes. Added the choco milk to it.  Stirred and again kept it to boil till the milk became 1/2 the quantity and it got the kheer consistency.It took another 10 minutes. But be careful at the end otherwise your milk will get burnt at the bottom.
Yummmmmmmmmmm!!! The chocolate kheer tasted heaven.
I could feel the chocolate flavor and the bitterness was totally missing.
I had the thick curdled cream melting in my mouth........
You want any more sin than this!!!!!!

I loved to have it hot, and my daughter has kept it in the fridge to have it chilled for tomorrow. :-)

Sending it to 
 Jyoti's (The Veggie Hut )
Lets Celebrate Sweets-Chocolate

Keep Smiling,


Priya Suresh said...

Kheer looks pretty tempting and inviting..

kitchen queen said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! the chocolate kheer is so yummmmmmmmy please let me grab some and have it.

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Chocolate kheer sounds interesting.. looks so delicious Nive

Sangi said...

rich n yummy chocolaty kheer...

Unknown said...

Would like a cup of that now,if you please - Something sweet and yummy after my dinner :)

Akila said...

wow looks delicious dear...

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Unknown said...

wow Nivi, you are rocking, first chocolate halwa and now kheer. Mouth watering.

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