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Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,
"If you fail in something in the Life, that is the time to learn from your mistake!!" I have read these lines in many books. Often  I follow it too. Again I am going to follow it and going to check my ability or capacity in managing the event. 
Last one was a flop! I do not know the reason or may be the theme was complicated or more people were not aware about it!! And it was non-cooking event. But I am thankful to many of blogger friends who were so supportive to make me feel good. A chat between me and Srivalli at that moment gave me little relief. 
This time I am planning to hold an event on cooking. And the theme is Halwa!! Yesterday, when I saw 5 halwa posts in my blogger friends at a time in 24 hours of span, this idea came into my mind. I was scared of the failure again and just put it in my FB status. And then I got the message from Jagruti જાગૃતિ  of Joy of Cooking. She encouraged me to go ahead with the event announcement. Thanks Jagruti for so much support and encouragement.
So here comes the theme of the event :
Come, Lets
                                                        image link
Halwa is a common desert and is usually prepared at home.  It is the quickest and easiest desert to make. The best part of Halwa is you can make Halwa with anything!! (I remember the last dialog in the movie "CAT IN THE HAT" where the mother asks the kids "with what you made the cookies" and the girl will answer " you can make cookies out of anything mom"!!!)
You can make halwa out of most of the vegetables. You can make halwa with powdered pulses, grains, fruits, dry fruits, nuts and......, I will leave the imagination and creativity with you all!!
Here you can read more about Halwa.
I am inviting all of you to prepare Halwa.  
Go through the rules :
  • Post the recipe in your blog from Today till July 25, 2010.
  • Send it to my email id with "CELEBRATE SWEETS~HALWA"  as a subject.
  • You can send as many entries as you wish.
  • For archived posts, 
         If the recipe is posted within two months, just update the post and link back to my event.
         If the recipe  is posted earlier, please update, repost and link bank it to my event.
  • Placing the logo will be highly appreciated as it will be easy to spread the news about this event.
  • Non bloggers can send their entries to my email. 
This time, I expect all of you to participate in this sweet event.  This is a self test trial for me!!
I hope you all will not allow me to fail.
Waiting for more entries.
(Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm - Sir Winston Churchill)
And one more announcement :
If this event goes well, I want to continue the series with other sweets. Thats why I have named the event as "Celebrate sweets ~        "

Keep Smiling,


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