Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fogotten Indian games!!!!!!!!

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi all,
I wanted to write about this last month only. But some how it went out of mind!! Now suddenly I remembered and thought let me share with you.
In the child hood, we used to stay in a chawl. (Many houses together in a big compound, or one big lane having houses built either side of the road.) I had many friends and there was no one to stop us playing the whole day during summer vacations. We used to play many games, which are totally disappeared now a days. Lagori, Halpi, Vattappa, sarbadgi, muttata, hide and seek(stop), kabaddi, gilli dandu, aali guli mani, kuntata, bali churu(broken banlgles), Chakka vacchi, playing house house game with kitchen set and dolls, kalla police(thief and police), dum sharara, goli, writing our own script and playing the dramas.(I do not know the English names for the games, sorry!! These all are Kannada names!) I still do not remember many games.
That included, stealing pickles from the kitchen and then sharing and eating.
Collecting the ingredients for making Chigali(made up of fresh tamarind, jaggery, chilly powder, lime leaves, salt and few more!!). Then making small balls of chigali, sharing and enjoying the spicy, tangy, lemony and salty taste.
Preparing mehandi at home and applying in the evenings.
And not to forget, educational games, like writing names of four things from same alphabet, memory game, Antakshari!!!
Just a thought came in my mind!! Why we can not post all old games one by one, trying to explain it with photo(if possible) !!!
Any one to join me????
I will try to post the games one by one or any one wants to host the event and name it "Forgotten games"

Let me know!!!

Keep smiling


EC said...

Nice idea..will try to join in

Sudeshna said...

Hi Nivedita,
Nice thought. I was a real tomboy at school and always used to comeback home wrapped in mud or with torn clothes....remember those scoldings from mom....I loved playing kabaddi, stick in the mud...and whenever we used to have a family picnic in the weekends memory games was a must. Stealing things from kitchen, oh that I do still now whenever I can sneak into my mom's kitchen.

Shanthi said...

Nice idea. Let me know what kind of hosting it is. I will try to join.

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