Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sindhi Curry(Veg curry with Gramflour)

Tried and tasted by Nivedita
Hi All,

One more healthy traditional food, with lot of vegetables in to it!!!! It is very good in winter and rainy season, as one can just drink it or sip it sitting beside the window and watching rain drops and enjoying the hot soup with cold breeze(At least this is what I do whenever I get chance!!!) or can enjoy with Brown rice or Bhooga chawar.
It takes time to cut all the vegetables and it takes time to cook the curry also, but the result is very tasty that you will forget the pain of cutting the vegetables and waiting for it to cook.!!!

When I was in UAE, I learnt it from my Co-Sister and Sister In Law. And I love it to have any time of day or night!!
Coming to the recipe,
Potato - 2 big, washed, and cubed in to big pieces.
Carrot - 1 big, chopped length wise
Beans - 8 to 10, cleaned and cut in to two.
Cluster beans - 10 to 12 cleaned and cut into two
Brinjal - 1 medium, cut into lengthwise
Drum stick - 2 washed, cleaned and chopped in to 3 to 4 pieces
Ladies finger(Bhindi) - 4 to 6, washed, cleaned and dried. Cut in to 2 pieces and shallow fry in little oil. Keep it aside.

Oil - 1/4 cup
Methi Seeds - 1 tsp
Jeera - 1 tsp
Green Chilly - 2 slit 
Ginger - 1/4" crushed(optional)
Gramflour(Besan atta) - 4 tbsp
Curry leaves - 1 line.
Tomato - 2 medium (or tomato paste or puree - 1/4 cup)
Red chilly powder - 2 tbsp
Amsol - 4 to 6
Salt to taste
Haldi - 1/2 tsp
Dhania or coriander powder - 1 tbsp
The vegetables are optional and you can replace or skip few. But more vegetables really make the curry tasty and healthy.
Add oil in a thick bottomed kadai or cooker. Keep on a medium flame, when oil is hot, add jeera, green chilly, ginger and methi seeds. Fry for few seconds. Now be careful before adding Gram flour. Keep on stirring or else it gets burnt. When good fried aroma starts coming, put hard vegetables like potato, drumsticks, beans and cluster beans. Keep on stirring for a minute. Now add Tomato or tomato puree. Mix and let it cook for a minute. Time is to add red chilly powder, dhania powder and haldi. Again mix and add cook for one more minute. All should happen over medium flame. Add at least 3 cups of water and close the lid and cook for 10 minutes. Now add other soft vegetables like carrot, brinjal and salt. Again boil it for 10 more minutes. And then comes the chance of Bhindi or okra or lady finger to get boiled. Cook it for 2 minutes adjust the seasoning. Add Amsol and curry leaves. Cook for 5 minutes. 
The curry is ready in the cooker and will be waiting for you to take it in a bowl and taste it.

An instant and fastest way to cook is,
After you add gram flour, add all other ingredients except curry leaves and amsol, add water and give 4 to 6 whistles. When cool, add curry leaves and amsol and boil it directly on medium flame for 2 minutes. 

But the first method tastes better even though takes lot of time.
Moral of the cooking is 
"Slow and steady wins the race!!!"

Keep Smiling,


Priya said...

Delicious curry, looks fantastic..

Nithu Bala said...

Love this curry..going to try soon..Thanks Nive, for your lovely wishes...get to read your "Me and My thoughts", lovely write-up..Keep going Dear..Good luck :-)

shivu said...


ತುಂಬಾ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿವೆ. ಇವತ್ತು ನಮ್ಮ ಮನೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನಿಸುತ್ತೇವೆ. ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು.

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely different curry

Rachana Kothari said...

Delicious Curry...looks perfect...

Soma Pradhan said...

I love bergtables..Will surely try outt thsi one

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I have always been fascinated by Sindhi food so it was nice to see this recipe featured here.

Also, thanks so much for the award. Of course, I will collect it. It's an honor!

Jagruti said...

Hi Nivedita

Mix veg curry lookd Delicious..i've got all the stuff in my fridge,i'll try tonight for our dinner...

cheers and do visit

Jagruti said...

hey nivedita

i've made curry,just few changes added capsicum and kasuri was fantastic...thanks for sharring..

cheers and keep visiting

ಮನಮುಕ್ತಾ said...

thanks a lot..
Sindhi curry is my husband's favorite recipe..when he was in Bombay, he used to eat this in hotels.. now I can make it for him.... :)

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